Waste Lock - Superabsorbent Polymer Network Waste Lock - Superabsorbent Polymer Network

Waste Lock® is a superabsorbent polymer product available from M2Polymer.com.

Super Absorbent Polymers and Waste Solidification

Most wastes destined to ship to a landfill must have no free liquids and must pass EPA 9095... commonly called "The Paint Filter Test."  If the waste is not valuable and does not cost a lot to ship in transportation costs or in landfill disposal fees, a wide variety of inexpensive absorbent materials can be added to absorb free liquids.  Corn cob, clay, soybean husks, ground newsprint and a host of other materials have been used for this purpose.  While inexpensive, these mineral & plant-based absorbents can add significant amounts of volume and weight to the original waste load... sometime doubling or tripling the volume!

The advantages of Waste Lock® Superabsorbents  over mineral or plant-based absorbents include: